Teaching Professor

Albert has been teaching post-secondary for over twenty years and continue to enjoy engaging with students, staff and faculties where he teaches. Presently, he teaches fulltime in Fraser International College at Simon Fraser University on Burnaby campus. He has been teaching at FIC for over ten years now. And, teaches at Beedie School of Business occasionally for the past ten years. Albert is also a Mentor-in-Residence with the early entrepreneur startup incubator program at The Coast Capital SFU Venture Connection.


Before immigrating to Canada, Albert has taught and conducted research in various institutions of higher learning in Malaysia, like Malaysian Banking Institute,  Forest Reasearch Institute of Malaysia, Mantissa College, Women Institute of Management, University Malaya, and Linton University College. He has also taught in the East London School of Business, and Paris School of Economics MBA finance courses.

Inspire Students to Set SMART Goals to Achieve Success in Their Chosen Careers


The very first thing we need to do is to understand the students' expectations and set practical goals to fulfilling them. In reality, it usually takes the whole semester, like thirteen weeks to reemphasize this critical point about setting SMART goals again and again until every student learned it. 


So, patience play a key part in teaching because I don't only teach concepts and theories but also values. At least I would like to inspire my students to be responsible and achieve the succes they so badly desire. Most often, I like to use real life stories, actual cases, and my experiences to explain the material I teach in class. 


As a teacher, I learned as much from my students as much as they learned from me. Therefore, teaching and learning is a two way thing. And, when I help them in setting SMART goals, I assumed their position. In turn, the students will assume my role. This method, helps them to be critical thinkers.